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Go Green To-Go Kit

By: Jessica Hudgins Smith

This week is Earth Week, but you can celebrate every day of the year! One way you can do your part to reduce waste is by embracing reusable alternatives when you’re eating at a restaurant or anywhere on the go. Here are a few simple items you can thrift at your local Goodwill to help you be prepared!

Items in a green to-go kit: utensils, bag, cloth napkin, glass jar, divided food container, travel mug, metal straws, reusable drinkware

Reusable Bag:

The perfect way to keep your kit together, great for runs to the store, useful for transporting food – skip the flimsy plastic!

Cloth Napkin:

Pass on the paper and go for a cloth option. Practical, washable, durable - just throw a few in your kit!

Metal Straws:

Make plastic straws a thing of the past by keeping a few of these on hand, plus you’ll never have to contend with the occasional dreaded punctured straw…

Reusable Drinkware/Travel Mug:

Keep your drinks warmer/colder longer and avoid disposable drinkware.

Divided Container:

Great for bringing lunches or taking leftovers home. Skip the Styrofoam and plastic to-go boxes!


Handy for avoiding disposable plastic alternatives, easy to clean - keep a few sets on hand so you can wash and rotate.

Glass Jar:

A great small container option for snacks or drinks.

Small Containers:

Have a few for dry snacks or smaller to-go items. They're flexible, convenient and a must in any kit!

Preparing your own zero waste kit is a fun challenge that will help you avoid unnecessary trash and single-use items in your daily routine. Create your own and share any new ideas you discover by tagging us on social media! We're @goodwilldenver on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

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