Happy Halloween!

Whether you’re looking for a costume that you can grab and go, or hunting for unique pieces that you can use to create a one-of-a-kind costume, Goodwill has you covered! Your Halloween budget can go a lot further at Goodwill. Our everyday low prices and 99¢ options on gently-used costumes, new accessories, and décor  will complete your Halloween festivities without the high price tag. Click here to find the location nearest you.

Halloween DIY Blog Tutorials!

Channel your inner Sanderson Sister and create your own witch's broom! Goodwill's got the DIY breakdown that'll have you whipping up a bunch of Hocus Pocus in no time!

Set the mood this Halloween with these easy DIY tips to give your front entrance a spooky facelift. All you need is a little creativity, magic and a trip to Goodwill!

Enhance your witch’s costume this year! Learn how to create an alluring charm with some thrifted finds and a little imagination.

Invent something completely unique for #Halloween with a little DIY inspiration! Learn how to cross-stitch a skull tee shirt here!

Take your Halloween décor to the next level with this DIY potion station!

Dressing up your pets for #Halloween? Get inspired at Goodwill!

Add some spooky details to your #Halloween décor with our thrifty tutorial on how to age books using tea!

If you’re like us, Halloween can’t get here fast enough! Celebrate #Halfoween in your own way with a few simple ideas!

Halloween DIY Video Tutorials!
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Creative Costume Ideas!

Halloween Costume Generator

Be unique for Halloween! Create a custom costume with items from Goodwill using our costume generator below! Choose up to three pieces you have, and we'll come up with some costume ideas for you!