Success Stories

Featured Success Story: June 2020

Maximino (Max) Villarreal – Work$Ready Graduate

Max came to Work$Ready with a goal to move into the banking industry. His work history included supervisory and management work in the hotel and fast food industry. He also worked briefly in service within the auto industry. Max was professional, showing up to class every day in a dress shirt and tie.  He was eager to succeed and recognized early on that the skills developed through Work$Ready were exactly what he needed to move toward his goal. Thanks to the program, Max created an impactful resume, a 30 Second Elevator Speech and learned to successfully respond to behavioral interview questions.

Post session, Work$Ready staff supported Max’s desire to launch a job search for an entry level banking position. He shares, “My greatest take away from the Work$Ready program was gaining tools, resources and the confidence to continue growing as a young professional!!” He received guidance to finding open positions, interview prep as well as an introduction to an alumni from BankWork$ as a mentor. They made an instant connection and the relationship assisted Max in building confidence to take this next step in his life and career. We are excited to share that Max was offered a position with Canvas Credit Union as a Consultant and started his new career on June 15, 2020.

Faces of Goodwill

The faces of Goodwill stretch far and wide, and the entire community plays a role in executing the Goodwill mission. YOU are helping people in poverty with every purchase. YOU are preparing tomorrow’s workforce. YOU are striving for a better future. YOU are the face of Goodwill. Thanks to corporate partners, donors, shoppers, volunteers, participants, and employees Goodwill has been educating, empowering, and employing Coloradans in need for over 100 years. The lives of thousands of Coloradans in need are better because of YOU.

Watch their stories:

Faces of Goodwill Commercial

Be a Part of It
  • Who will? YOU Will. We will. Goodwill.
    The faces of Goodwill are everywhere. Donors, partners, shoppers, volunteers, participants, employees – and the stories they share drive the success of our mission forward. Please share YOUR Goodwill story with us on social media!

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Visit our YouTube page to see more videos of people whose lives were changed thanks to Goodwill’s Career Development Programs.