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We believe that a little goodwill can go a long way. By volunteering in the Denver metro area and northern Colorado with Goodwill, you could help change lives for thousands in need. Investments don’t always come in the form of money—the gift of your time is just as precious. That’s why Goodwill offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. Plus, volunteer work provides a sense of pride and accomplishment while helping others.

Ways to Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities with Goodwill

Nobody does it better than somebody who’s been there. Give the gift of community service by offering up your own valuable real-world experience.

Flexible and right in your neighborhood

We make volunteering in the Denver metro area and northern Colorado easier than ever. Our volunteer opportunities stretch far and wide, with many Colorado school locations and Career Connection Centers to choose from. Saying that we’re proud of the community we serve would be an understatement. You’ll find many opportunities to contribute by volunteering at Goodwill.

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DPD's Sunday Matinee: GoodGuides

Since 2014, Denver Police officers have taken on the role of mentor through Goodwill Industries of Denver’s GoodGuides program. One day a week, the officers meet with their mentees in an effort to help better prepare them for their futures, while also building positive relationships with Denver’s youth. Watch the video above to see how the program is impacting the mentors and the mentees.

Mentoring Eligibility Requirements
  • Goodwill of Denver is seeking volunteers interested in mentoring youth in a group setting. To qualify as a mentor, you must meet the following criteria:

    -21 years or older
    -No criminal Record
    -Commit to 1 school year of mentoring
    -Attend a group mentoring session once a week
    -Must pass a federal and state background check as well as reference checks.

    If you meet the following qualifications and would like more information about mentoring, please send an email to in order to receive an application.

  • Goodwill partners with specific schools and serves students from those campuses. The campuses are listed below:

    -George Washington High School
    -Thomas Jefferson High School
    -Martin Luther King Early College
    -South High School
    -Place Bridge Academy
    -Compass Academy
    -Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy
    -Aurora West College Prep Academy
    -Gateway High School
    -Hinkley High School
    -Emily Griffith High School
    -Bruce Randolph Middle School
    -Jefferson High School

    Students seeking to be in a Goodwill group mentoring program must attend one of the aforementioned schools and be in a class that Goodwill is partnering with. For more information about student eligibility, please email .