Denver Goodwill Programs: Ending the Cycle of Poverty

We're working to build a better community, one person at a time. We have four major program areas that serve nearly 23,000 people annually. As one of the leading charities in Colorado, our programs work in our own back yard to improve the quality of life for thousands of Coloradans each year. Discover how your purchases and donations change lives.

Goodwill Denver Program Highlights

We provide career development programs to more than 17,000 teenagers annually

We help more than 4,000 adults through career development programs

We place over 1,200 individuals into meaningful employment throughout our community

We provide work opportunities for nearly 200 individuals with disabilities

Goodwill Denver Participant Success Stories

  • Meet Michael, who was homeless and addicted to drugs who rose above his circumstances to get sober and become a great boss, mentor, and person.
  • Meet Colette, who had to overcome abuse and unstable housing to graduate from high school and plan for a bright future. Colette's story
  • Meet Winifred, who didn’t believe anyone would hire her because of her age before she found hope at Goodwill’s Career Connection Center. Winifred's story
  • Meet Reggie, who was able to improve his quality of life through work despite being diagnosed with mild intellectual disabilities and an anxiety disorder. Reggie's story

Major Program Areas

Youth Career Development: Goodwill employs teachers in 37 Denver metro and northern Colorado public schools who provide much needed career development assistance and college exploration to youth. With the support of community volunteers, this program helps students formulate a career path and prepare for life after graduation.

Adult job training & placement in Denver & Northern Colorado: Goodwill serves more than 4,100 adults annually through various programs that provide support for them and their families. This includes job training, job placement and financial assistance to help those in need get off of welfare and get back on their feet. Click here for a list of Career Connection Centers locations.

Work options for individuals with disabilities: Goodwill hires individuals with disabilities to work on contract projects with various organizations. This includes light assembly, sorting and packing projects.

Retail work & Recycling programs: throughout our network of stores and donation centers: Goodwill's retail stores provide funding for the programs listed above while providing affordable used goods to our community. They also provide great employment opportunities for those with barriers to work, as 54% of our employees are disadvantaged and/or disabled.

Programs for farmers and ranchers with disabilities: Goodwill partners with Colorado State University Extension Services and the USDA's Agrability grant to provide assistance to disabled farmers and ranchers throughout 25 counties in Colorado.

Vocational Training & Placement for Individuals with Disabilities: Goodwill partners with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide individualized assessments, work skills training, job development, and job placement for individuals with disabilities.