Facts About Goodwill in Denver

Curious about how Goodwill in Denver impacts the local community? It's thanks to people like you who support our job training, youth career development and work options for the disabled programs that we're able to have the impact we do. In addition to those programs, your generous donations to our retail stores as well as the greater Denver community's patronage give us the operating capital to be self-sufficient. We fund ourselves so that your financial generosity goes directly into our programs. For that, we thank you.

Charities in Denver like Goodwill rely upon your donations – material, financial and time alike – to help end the cycle of poverty. Thanks to you, we bring hope where there once was none and lift Denver up to be all it can be in any economy. We appreciate all that you do for charities in Denver like Goodwill. Without you, we wouldn't have nearly enough goodwill to go around!

Curious About Goodwill Denver's Community Impact?

Each year, Goodwill...

  • Assists more than 19,000 people in our community
  • Does so by engaging over 1,300 adult volunteers in career development activities for local youth
  • Provides career development programs that help nearly 15,000 teenagers
  • Helps over 3,500 adults gain the skills they need to get off welfare
  • Works with numerous corporate partners to put Denver's disadvantaged back to work
  • Provides meaningful employment to more than 1,200 people
  • Employs career development teachers in 33 area high schools
  • Keeps nearly 80 million pounds of goods out of local landfills through donations
  • Receives recognition as a leader in youth career education and workforce development