Goodwill Employees

Giving back to the community starts with our employees

Half of Goodwill employees report a disability or a disadvantaging condition. Goodwill seeks to support all employees and their families who are facing hardship. The Employee Support Services Program gives employees emergency assistance, resources, life-skills training, and/or financial assistance so that a change in condition does not mean loss of income.

Supportive services:
  • Emergency assistance fund
  • Financial management support
  • Employee-donated  vacation and sick hours bank
  • Mental health counseling
  • Legal counseling
  • Recovery assistance
  • Professional development classes

Are you a Goodwill employee and need support? Do you want to help and give back to your fellow coworkers? Email to find out how you can get involved.

Meet Michael Williams

Michael Williams has come a long way from his days living without a home, without a job, without an advocate, or even a friend. He was living on the streets, addicted to drugs, and was taking temporary jobs to sustain his habit. He didn’t really think much further beyond his addiction until help came from the Denver Rescue Mission, and a job at Goodwill. With support from the Employee Support Services Program, he was able to get his first home and hasn’t looked back since. Click here to watch more Goodwill success stories.