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We believe that a little goodwill can go a long way. By volunteering in Denver and northern Colorado with Goodwill, you could help change lives for thousands in need. Investments don’t always come in the form of money—the gift of your time is just as precious. That’s why Goodwill offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. Plus, volunteer work provides a sense of pride and accomplishment while helping others.

Flexible and right in your neighborhood

We make volunteering in Denver and northern Colorado easier than ever. Our volunteer opportunities stretch far and wide, with many Colorado school locations and Career Connection Centers to choose from. Saying that we’re proud of the community we serve would be an understatement. You’ll find many opportunities to contribute by volunteering at Goodwill.

Ways to Get Involved

Nobody does it better than somebody who’s been there. Give the gift of community service by offering up your own valuable real-world experience.

Volunteer Opportunities with Goodwill

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There are always opportunities to volunteer with Goodwill! Check out our list of volunteer events happening at schools across the metro area to find one near you.

My name is Yumino Kimura. I came to the United States from Japan in May, 1970, and I have lived in Denver, Colorado since. Several years ago, I started thinking about how to repay my debt of gratitude to America. When I reached retirement age, an idea flashed into my mind–to volunteer!

Since 2014, Denver Police officers have taken on the role of mentor through Goodwill Industries of Denver’s GoodGuides program. One day a week, the officers meet with their mentees in an effort to help better prepare them for their futures.