Here at Goodwill Denver, our mission would be impossible if it weren't for the generosity of the local community and their donations. Denver gives to us so we can give back to Denver. Through your generous gifts in many different forms, we're able to employ a workforce of disadvantaged and disabled community members who can now find hope where they once thought there was none. So shop at our Denver thrift stores, make any type of donation you choose and see how you keep the goodwill flowing alongside Goodwill of Denver.

Choose Your Donation: Denver Goodwill Appreciates YOU

However you choose to make your Goodwill donation, Denver is on the receiving end of your generosity. Use the links below to explore the different ways that you can make a difference today. Tomorrow. Always.

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Where Do My Donations Go? Colorado Donations Stay in Colorado

87 cents of every dollar from the sale of donated goods at Goodwill Denver goes to support our community programs. 100% of every financial donation, goes directly to programs - not overhead costs. We are dedicated to serving the local community, and that means Colorado donations stay in Colorado. Your financial support, automobile donations and household goods go from your house to the hands of the community and in turn, fund our numerous community programs – programs designed to lift Denver up and move it forward.

Youth Development Programs – We employ teachers in 37 metro Denver and northern Colorado high schools and fund programs that help over 17,000 high school students discover career paths so they can move forward in pursuit of jobs they love in a community that loves them back.

Free Job Training for Adults – Did you know that over 4,000 adults in Denver receive completely free job training that helps them get off welfare and back into the workforce? You make it possible.

Work Options for Individuals with Disabilities – The Denver community of persons with disabilities is enabled through the comprehensive job placement programs at Goodwill. Since 54% of the workforce in our Goodwill stores have disadvantages or disabilities, your donations give new meaning to the word “goodwill.” We also provide work options through light assembly at our Goodwill headquarters, all put together by individuals with disabilities.

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