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The Goodwill Industries of Denver network consists of 30 retail stores, three Outlet Worlds, one Déjà Blue Boutique, nine donation centers, three Career Connection Centers, a recycling facility, youth career development programs at 37 middle and high schools, a pre-vocational employment center, community-based opportunities for individuals with disabilities, and an administrative office.

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Meet Vanessa Cruz-Pennington

Vanessa Cruz-Pennington’s rocky past included some poor choices she made when she was young and the crushing loss of a child. She careened into a deep depression that made it hard to see light at the end of the tunnel. When she did search for work, employers had a hard time overlooking her criminal history.  Then she found Goodwill – and the chance she was looking for.  Her new career allowed her to have pride in a job well done – and hope for a positive future. Watch more Goodwill Success Stories here