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It was through Step 13 that Mark learned about the BankWork$ program, which launched in Denver in 2016 through a partnership with Goodwill Industries and with support from companies including U.S. Bank.

"I had reached a point where I just felt like I couldn't do anything right. I couldn't right the course," Petersen said. "They're providing me with everything that I need in order to reach my dreams."

A new online program will help individuals improve their job marketability and businesses train their workforce. CSU Online and Goodwill Industries of Denver recently partnered to launch the Essential Soft Skills for Employment digital badge program.

Host Nancy Blizzard and Guest Jessica Montour of Fashion Forward explore the bargains at thrift stores, including Goodwill’s Déjà Blue Boutique in Cherry Creek!

Around the holiday season, I wrote a lot about shopping at thrift stores, finding good deals on both gifts and decorations. But now it’s January, a time when a lot of people look around and say “where did all this stuff come from?"

The Albertsons Companies Foundation is investing in Colorado’s future workforce by supporting at-risk youth across the metro area and northern Colorado. The foundation awarded Goodwill Industries of Denver a $2,500 grant to serve more than 18,000 students across the region.

My name is Yumino Kimura. I came to the United States from Japan in May, 1970, and I have lived in Denver, Colorado since. Several years ago, I started thinking about how to repay my debt of gratitude to America. When I reached retirement age, an idea flashed into my mind–to volunteer!

After much success with its inaugural session, Goodwill Industries of Denver is set to host its second BankWork$™ class at the 15509 E. Iliff Avenue location in Aurora on Monday, January 9.

Since 2014, Denver Police officers have taken on the role of mentor through Goodwill Industries of Denver’s GoodGuides program. One day a week, the officers meet with their mentees in an effort to help better prepare them for their futures.

The Adolph Coors Foundation awarded Goodwill Industries of Denver a $15,000 grant to serve more than 18,000 students in the Denver metro area and northern Colorado.

It's the start of a new year, and there are so many different ways Goodwill can help you with your resolutions!

Nancy is 70-years-old. This past July, she celebrated her 50th anniversary with Goodwill. This past July, she celebrated her 50th anniversary with Goodwill. You might jump to the conclusion that she never again wants to see one more pink sweatshirt. But from all accounts, working at Goodwill is the happy center to Nancy's life.

Colorado AgrAbility is part of a nationwide network of U.S. Department of Agriculture projects to empower farmers and ranchers with disabilities. Colorado State University Extension and Goodwill Industries of Colorado work closely with the DVR to test and then recommend adaptive equipment and modifications.

Jessica Hudgins Smith from Goodwill Denver shows us some ugly sweaters, just in time for that ugly sweater holiday party!

The Goodwill Denver models made an UGLY appearance on Colorado and Company with Denise Plante to show off their tacky holiday sweaters.

La temporada invernal sorprende a muchos en casa sin las ropas necesarias. Comprar para los hijos y toda la familia puede ser costoso; no obstante, muchos encuentran alternativas para vestir con menos gastos.

When you're on a budget, but still trying to create a beautiful home for the holidays, Goodwill is the place to shop for all your decorating needs.

13 graduates from Goodwill Denver's first Bankwork$ class already have jobs.

Goodwill Denver is hosting a holiday “Jingle Fest” at every location on Saturday, December 10! The fun includes an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest at 3 p.m.

Shop, celebrate, and get your jingle on at the Goodwill Jingle Fest!

Take part in charitable gift and volunteer opportunities this holiday season.

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is getting into the holiday spirit and preparing their homes for visits from friends and family. If you’re like me, you want to have a beautiful table for all your guests, and you need to do it on a budget.

The administrative assistant to the President and CEO of Goodwill Industries of Denver was honored with the most prestigious award of the 2016 Denver Metro Admin Awards on November 16.

Ready to host a Thanksgiving dinner? Or do you still need to find all the table settings? We stopped by a Goodwill Store to see if we could put together a table for four for under $100. We did it with $50.

Goodwill Youth Services Manager Mark Tapy appeared on Colorado & Co. on 9News alongside Goodwill volunteer Bob Blume to talk about the importance of volunteer mentors are within our youth career development programming.